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Current, accurate data is crucial to making sound and timely decisions —and nowhere is it more critical than within the private equity sector. Too many PE firms and portfolio companies continue to rely on Excel or rigid ERP reporting that is time-consuming, inefficient, and prone to errors. Traditional manual reporting tools lack the flexibility to collaborate with your team and provide a rich user experience. Those that embrace next-generation cloud-based tools for data reporting and analysis, strengthen their competitive edge.

Compello Partners offers business intelligence solutions for basic to complex reporting scenarios—at both the portfolio and fund levels. We specialize in helping funds and portfolio companies architect, design, and implement enterprise cloud reporting platforms, for mid-size to large portfolio companies. We leverage Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Power BI to build powerful and scalable data analytics, whether it’s from your ERP or another back-office system.

Our solutions can be implemented quickly—to help you bolster your data intelligence in as little as two weeks.

Here are the platforms and tools we offer:

NetSuite ERP Reporting

Real-time reporting. Full business transparency. Access to key metrics anytime, anywhere. All of these advantages are turned on with NetSuite ERP Reporting. Compello provides the only out-of-box and turn-key reporting solution that leverages the platform’s pre-built data models. With our rapid deployment process and certified team, we will have you live, trained and operational in 2 weeks.

For an even more powerful BI solution, Compello leverages the following best-in-class tools into your NetSuite platform:

    • Microsoft Power BI
    • Microsoft SharePoint
    • Microsoft Azure SQL
    • Oracle NetSuite
    • Azure Analysis Services
    • Azure Function Apps

These tools expand your reporting capabilities to help you make sharper decisions and maximize success.

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NetSuite reporting
NetSuite reporting

Microsoft Power BI 

Data makes your firm more competitive. It helps you maintain relationships, forge deals, and stay ahead of market trends. In short, data is the strategic advantage that gets you ahead.

Looking to level up your business intelligence and make data-driven decisions? The Microsoft Power BI platform allows your firm to visualize, analyze, and interpret data in unlimited new ways. As a certified Microsoft Partner, Compello Partners provides Microsoft expertise to help you fully leverage Power BI through your Microsoft Azure environment—and turn valuable insights into action.

Microsoft Power BI

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