Executive Management

Position your company for success—starting at the top

An organization is only as strong as its leaders. When you absorb a new portfolio company, you may find there needs to be a change or addition to the executive team to achieve company goals. In the short term, a leader can organize teams and inspire confidence. In the long term, they can help a company expand its vision and profitability.

With an extensive network of experts with deep C-suite experience, Compello Partners provides the experienced interim or fractional executives for your portfolio company’s needs. Whether it’s a stop-gap solution or a several-year partnership, we find you leaders who match your culture and can guide you toward your goals.

Our leadership placements help you tackle unique challenges such as:

  • Navigating through a carve-out or merger integration
  • Scaling to support growth
  • Transformational processes
  • Right-sizing the leadership post-close
  • Providing strategic vision in preparation for a transaction
  • Providing interim executive leadership

We offer a range of executive management engagements:



When you’re in-between executives, an interim leader can guide your company’s team until you’ve found a permanent leader. Compello identifies an experienced partner who can address immediate changes and lay the foundation for your long-term executive.


Project-Based Leadership

A major corporate initiative may require targeted skills, specific expertise, or additional oversight. With the right project leader in place, you have the precise talent to develop a roadmap, navigate challenges, and guide teams to project success.


Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Your digital infrastructure can provide your portfolio companies with a competitive advantage. Implementing the most effective formalized governance and maximizing efficiency, requires a leader who can point your team in the right direction. Compello provides CIOs who give an internal technological edge.


Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

Now more than ever, protecting your sensitive company information and systems is crucial. Cyberattack threats are at an all-time high, and your company needs a leader with a plan. As technology security experts, Compello Partners has the relationships to find you a skilled CISO whocan help your company navigate threats prevent information compromise, and mitigate risk.


Fractional Leadership

If your executives are overtasked and lack the capacity to scale or provide adequate strategic vision to support the company’s growth initiatives, Compello can provide fractional leadership. With our arrangements, responsibilities are off-loaded to an experienced executive who can provide both expertise and swift action.



Whether they’re new to the industry or new to the C-suite, freshly-designated leaders often require the support of a seasoned executive to find their footing. With an experienced mentor by their side, executives are empowered to grow professionally, fully embody their roles, and reach their full potential.


Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

The quality of your company’s technology impacts the quality of the products and services you provide to customers. A strong chief technology officer spots areas of improvement—and improves your customer-facing assets. Compello Partners connects you with a CTO who has a client-centric mindset and the technical prowess to match.


VP, Supply Chain

Looking to increase profitability and margins throughout your supply chain? A supply chain leader can play a crucial role to oversee sourcing, anufacturing and distribution operations. Compello strengthens your supply chain with an experienced leader withhigh-level knowledge, extensive resources, and out-of-the-box thinking.

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