Human Capital Management

Optimize HR processes to drive success

The cornerstone to every organization is superior talent—and this especially rings true when you grow the value of each portfolio company. At Compello Partners, we have over 25 years of experience helping organizations optimize your Human Capital Management Systems (HCM) systems, document HR regulatory compliances and processes, and train your talent. Our goal is to help you increase employee productivity, employee retention, succession planning, and maintain regulatory compliance.

At Compello Partners, we’re skilled at identifying the best HCM systems to meet your company’s goals. We evaluate your current systems, processes, documentation, resources, and provide expert recommendations to better optimize workforce management—laddering down to more productive employees and stronger performance.


HRIS and Payroll Process Optimization

Your human resources information system (HRIS) impacts employees from hire to retire including performance and succession management. But how do you know you’ve fully utilized your HRIS system? Can your internal processes be more efficient so that your employees can be more productive? Does the system provide the capabilities to expand and grow to meet your company’s future needs?

Compello can help you identify and select the system most suitable for your company’s current and future business needs, define, document and map your internal process requirements for greater employee and system efficiency. We make recommendations that align with your goals, helping you streamline processes, increase opportunities, and optimize your systems.

HR Security and Compliance Analysis

Protecting sensitive employee information and company data requires the utmost care and attention. To keep this information under lock and key, you need to make sure your portfolio company’s policies are fully compliant—and that only the necessary people have access to your highly confidential databases.

Compello minimizes risks by conducting a thorough assessment of all HR documents, manuals, and systems to ensure that they meet all legal and security requirements. Where any gaps arise, we guide your team to remediate and strengthen to ensure maximum compliance.


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