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Accelerating growth with leading enterprise technology

To many, the Microsoft platform and business offerings is the gold standard. But when it comes to choosing technology solutions to accelerate your portfolio company’s growth, there’s a lot to sift through, digest, and evaluate. As a certified Microsoft Partner, Compello Partners does the heavy lifting to determine the tools, technologies and the security required that make the most sense.

We provide guidance to prevent you from paying for features you don’t need and leverage the Microsoft platform that will help drive scalability for growth.

Our team is comprised of experienced Microsoft alumni who have worked with hundreds of businesses across myriad industries. We know the intricacies of Microsoft products and how best to leverage them based upon your company’s needs. We look at features, licensing agreements, and fees to help you maximize functionality, insights and competitive positioning while keeping costs in check.

We answer some of the pressing questions that private equity firms and portfolio companies ask:

  • What will help to accelerate growth and how much should I spend?
  • What do I need today, and what should I anticipate as the company scales?

Our Microsoft Platforms practice encompasses:

Cloud Computing

There are lots of reasons why the majority of Fortune 500 companies use Microsoft’s Azure cloud architecture. For PE firms, one of the strongest is the cloud computing platform’s ability to facilitate scaling and speed go-to-market through fast application development and deployment.

Our Azure specialists know how to securely and seamlessly migrate your systems and data from on-premise hardware to the Azure cloud, as well as the intricacies for customizing Azure for optimal performance. Importantly, we also guide you on the best practices for security and industry-specific compliance. With Compello as your partner for Azure migration and optimization, innovation is at your fingertips.


Licensing Optimization

As a PE firm, you know that excellence comes with a price. At Compello Partners we assess the most cost-effective strategies to employ Microsoft’s enterprise cloud platforms so that you can minimize expenses and maximize ROI.

An astounding 90% of CEOs don’t know what software they own—and, as a result, how much they’re spending in total on licensing agreements. As Microsoft professionals, we look at contracts to determine what you need and what you don’t. You get all of the functionality, scalability, security, and compliance you need, and none of the waste.

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