Organizational Change Management

Support portfolio companies through transactional transitions

When a portfolio company is acquired, expectations are realigned to support the growth thesis. Whether a company is still in the start-up phase or is decades old, change management considerations occur at all levels from senior executives to their suppliers, and partners. A successful transition starts before it begins—and the more you can do to prepare your portfolio company in advance, the better.

Compello provides day 1/100 planning, top-down, and bottom-up change management support for carveouts, merger integrations, platform acquisitions/roll-ups, and post-close transformation. We ensure that your change management plan never overwhelms, creates confusion, or leads to conflict. Using a prescriptive 360-degree approach, we guide you to shape a strategy and implement processes that help all departments and levels navigate and embrace change.

Our approach is digital-first and results-focused. We leverage modern tools to help your portfolio company thrive through every stage of the process, minimize disruption, and effectively position your company for long-term growth.

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