Aerospace and Defense

Aerospace and defense supply chains can be very challenging to manage as they depend on thousands of suppliers and subcontractors to procure raw materials, build complicated parts and components, and offer secondary services including specialized finishes and treatments. Achieving the right level of operational excellence to support production growth while maintaining quality and keeping costs under control can be a key challenge. It requires innovation on the shop floor, better customer experience online, stronger engagement, and a supply chain system that has the accuracy to fulfill orders — all working together.  In A&D, where supply chains can be large and operations vary across applications and have stricter guidelines, it is imperative that supply chain and inventory management solutions remain flexible and resilient.

Compello Partners’ supply chain experts work closely with your portfolio companies to optimize your supply chain systems and processes, improve sourcing and procurement, and create vendor risk management programs to ensure your suppliers and subcontractors maintain regulatory and security compliance.

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