The healthcare industry faces changes at every turn, posing new challenges to medical organizations big and small. In particular, fast-evolving regulations and data proliferation create an environment that goes beyond just treating patients. Practices are required to hold HITRUST Certification, which combines extensive safeguards from HIPPA, COBIT, HITECH, PCI, and more. Vendors with this certification are significantly less susceptible to facing ransomware attacks or data breaches.

While more and more data is being generated, it is often retained in silos, scattered across multiple parties and systems including payors, providers, and patients. There is no single “source of truth”. Healthcare organizations need to harness the power of big data and embrace data-driven decision-making.

The Compello Partners’ team helps your healthcare organization build a formal governance, and risk and compliance program to ensure that you comply with government regulations and eliminate cybersecurity events that could disrupt business operations. What’s more, our team has implemented enterprise business intelligence platforms so your team can leverage accurate and real-time data with increased visibility into your business for greater efficiency and better service delivery.

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