The manufacturing industry faces myriad challenges every day. Compello Partners can help your company resolve the three critical areas that have the potential for the most meaningful impact:

  • Eliminate the periods at the end of each bulleted statement
  • Ineffective deployment and insecure Internet of Things technology
  • Lean Continuous Improvement
  • Under-utilization of ERP systems and increased manual processes

The manufacturing industry is increasingly using Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) platforms that are transforming asset-intensive industries into digital businesses. These smart machines assist companies in collecting useful information that can aid in improving productivity and implementing predictive maintenance. Gathering information is a relatively easy task, however aggregating and analyzing data is the challenging. Compello Partners can help you mine data from IoT devices, and harness the power of real-time dashboards for real-time decisions. In addition, we help ensure the IoT data is adequately secure and managed.

Our Lean Continuous Improvement serves to improve every process in your company by enhancing the activities that generate the most value for your customer and removing wasteful activities. Compello’s certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt resources support your training and implementation needs onsite in your environment, and aid in streamlining processes so you can bring new products to the market faster.

Manufacturers spend hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars on ERP systems to automate back-office operations with the goal of increased efficiencies, profitability and customer satisfaction. Often, organizations only partially implement the ERP systems as companies remain rigid and do not adhere to the ERP systems’ best practice processes. Thus, manual processes and spreadsheets are proliferate throughout the organization and companies are left with a “manually automated system” which increases application maintenance, is time-consuming to support, prone to errors, and lacks scalability. Compello’s ERP experts help your organization fully optimize and right-size your ERP system through our ERP assessment framework and best practices.

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