Supply Chain Management

Streamline the supply chain to increase margins

To increase portfolio company profit margins, there are typically two avenues: cut costs or grow revenue.  You need a strategic balance of both to maximize your bottom line—without sacrificing quality and productivity that impact customer satisfaction and market position.

Compello Partners works with companies across many industries, helping to properly allocate resources, source cost-effective suppliers and manufacturers, trim areas of waste, improve fulfillment timelines, and optimize the supply chain. Based on our extensive supply chain expertise, we assess each portfolio company thoroughly and provide recommendations to remedy areas that have redundancies, cause obstructions, or limit growth.

Our portfolio company supply chain management specialties include:


Lean Six Sigma Focus

Transforming the supply chain is an ongoing process—requiring short- and long-term changes to generate results. Compello combines Lean Six Sigma methodologies to remove waste, improve productivity, streamline processes, and eliminate costly variation. Compello also provides training to help you build a lean culture within your organization, maximizing growth over time.

Cost Reductions and Margin Expansions

Does every element of the supply chain serve your end goals? Does the current supply chain maximize time, productivity, and efficiency? Are there areas where you can streamline costs and improve margins?

Compello Partners looks at where your portfolio companies can cut costs to improve margins. We tie this back to customer satisfaction, ensuring that the quality of your portfolio company’s products or services remains high.


Manufacturing Relocation and Consolidation

Production, materials, inventory and labor costs are some of the most costly expenses in the supply chain. At Compello, we make sure your dollar goes further by assessing your portfolio company’s manufacturing operations within the context of your specific industry and overall best practices.

We look at every facet, from labor costs to machine usage to inventory turns, to determine where improvements can be made. Whether it’s factory relocation or consolidating your manufacturing operations, our recommendations make your supply chain more competitive.


Materials sourcing requires a delicate balance of cost and quality. If materials are too costly, you erode profit; go too low, and you run the risk of degrading quality.

Compello’s sourcing experts help you increase your portfolio company’s margins. Through our existing relationships in the US, and other countries we guide you to make the most cost-effective and smart sourcing decisions.


Site Layout and Flow Optimization

The layout and flow across your supply chain can help or hinder productivity—and have a significant impact on profitability.

Our Lean Six Sigma Black Belt experts assess your site layout and flows to optimize your supply chain. Compello examines every component, from engineering, shipping & receiving, to machines, raw materials and finished goods, and guides your team toward greater efficiency.

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