Technology Advisory

A company’s technology stack makes all of the difference for scalability and growth potential

Technology is like a spider, with legs in nearly every aspect of your organization. From marketing to the supply chain to HR, technology wields the power to accelerate growth and boost profitability. And because business (and your competitive advantages) are so deep-rooted in technology, it’s all the more important to understand how technology can be best leveraged post-transaction to maximize value. Your portfolio company’s efficiency, productivity, and scalability are tied to how well your systems run and whether or not you’re optimizing them for scalability.

At Compello Partners, we provide fund and portfolio-level technical expertise to guide you toward increased efficiency, airtight security, free-flowing data sharing, and scaling support. Our services encompass all the areas that contribute to IT excellence throughout the value investment lifecycle of a portfolio company.

Technology Transformation

No matter what stage in the investment lifecycle—due diligence, post-close, or exit-planning—optimizing a portfolio company’s technology is critical to meet growth objectives.

Compello's team are experts in IT transformation, with hands-on management of the IT operations that can drive value creation. From process automation, back-office system optimization, and infrastructure consolidation to modern security upgrades, and resource and change management, our advisors "roll up their sleeves" to enhance scalability.

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ERP Right-Sizing

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is the scaffolding for scaling. Done correctly, it can lay the runway for growth. Compello Partners will help you right-size your ERP solution for cost-efficiency through the optimization of your core business processes, real-time reporting, integrated architecture and proven change management methodologies.

With Compello’s advisory team to guide you on ERP platforms, you can be assured that you have the right software for your business and core business processes.

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Cloud Computing

With their greater security, almost limitless bandwidth, and state-of-the-art applications, there’s a reason cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) are the technology of choice for modern companies.

Our advisors serve as your expert guides to migrate your company’s systems and data onto the world’s most robust cloud platforms, with minimal disruption to operations. Your company can scale “up and out” with a roadmap that lays out every step and covers every detail.

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Microsoft Expertise

As a certified Microsoft Partner, Compello Partners provides valuable expertise to make your technology dollars go further.

We leverage the Microsoft technology stack and solutions such as Microsoft Power BI for business intelligence, Microsoft Azure for cloud computing, Microsoft Cognitive Services and Microsoft Automated Machine Learning for artificial intelligence and machine learning. Compello’s staff includes Microsoft alumni and certified experts to help you build, optimize and automate your Microsoft environment from the development tools, to the architecture, to the applications and the solution deployment.

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